Margon Interiors


In Interiors, we adapt processes based on the needs of our customers by offering integral “turnkey” projects.

Margon Toilets


In Toilets, we design and manufacture railway WC modules in accordance with all customer regulations and requirements.

Margon Metal


In Metal, we apply technology to specialized support structures. We manufacture and install metal components.

Margon Wood


In Wood, we are dedicated to the integral pre-assembly of interior design elements, machining, and the pre-assembly of floor boards and cladding.

We design and manufacture customized railway interiors using easy-to-install, pre-assembled units. With this system, the management of materials, assembly time and maintenance costs of the project are minimized, while ensuring the quality and reliability of the integrated assemblies.

Railway interior design products: Central and lateral roofs, Luggage racks, Luminaires, Side panelling, Columns, Canopies, Platforms, Partitions and Bulkheads, Hall doors, Cabin doors, Access doors, Passages, Floors and baseboards, Windows, Gangway connections, Handholds, Niches for fire extinguishers, Wastebaskets, Electrical cabinets, Grates, Protective covers, Cabin desks, Luggage compartments, Bike racks, Coffee tables, etc.

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